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100% of our clients have at least 3x'd profits
70% our clients reach 7 figures in 1 year
25% our clients reach 8 figures in 2 years
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9 Steps to Seven Figures Business
You are passion driven service provider who has successfully grown her business to at least 20K a month, and now it the time to move past this income ceiling so you can reach more people and transform their lives. 

However, you are stuck. 

* Your business is tied to you 
* If you step away the business stalls or worse fails
* There is no consistent pipeline of clients, which means your cash flow is inconsistent
* You have the results and authority but no way to serve more clients 
* You are exhausted, stretching yourself thin working long hours and the to-do list is piling up 
* You don't know how to attract the right employees and train them 
* Expanding your services online is nerve wrecking, and you just don't know where to start

What you are experiencing is executive fatigue, the leading cause of burnout which cripples the growth of small businesses.  

Million in ONE is the business accelerator that will show you how to step away from your business while creating more money, more impact and the life of freedom you desire. 

The biggest reason most entrepreneurs can not scale their service business is because they lack clear strategy. This program is designed to strip away the online marketing noise and B.S. so you can create predictable 100K in revenue every month.
Many solo-entrepreneurs find themselves unable to scale their business because they are missing three key elements, Mindset, Branding, Systems of Scale. 
You self-sabotage their growth by wanting to do it all themselves and wasting time and money on the wrong things.
You lack the marketing acumen to get quality leads and waste time trying to turn bad clients into good clients
You are getting clients but don't have a system in place to nurture them.  
  • Master the CEO Mindset:  Unlock your superpower, zone of genius and align purpose, passion with results. Without the limiting beliefs holding your executive brain hostage you can lead with confidence and clarity. 
  • Profit Optimization: Streamline business operations for maximum profits by focusing on client experience so you can help more people transform in less time. 
  • Brand Positioning: Dominate the industry with strategic publicity that positions you as the leading authority and opens flood gates of partnerships. Use the A.R.T. formula (Attract, Retain, Transform) for steady influx of dream clients who become loyal ambassadors for your services
Here Is How It Works
The secrets to scaling rapidly without overwhelm is charting a laser focused blueprint for your business. This isn't another Facebook group or Do-It-Yourself program. You have access to high level consulting with personalized focused on your specific questions and needs so you can easily 2x-10x your business in the next six to  12 months. This is for you IF  you want to get on the fast-track to a 7-figure business, and avoid the thousands of dollars and dozens of wasted hours you’d spend trying to figure it out on your own…

Proven 9 Step Process

The Triamp Method system takes out the guesswork out of building and scaling a 7-figure business. A sequence of logical step by step tutorials guarantees that every aspect of your business functions seamlessly to achieve your desired goals.

Mindset Hacking

Reprogram your mind to achieve optimal results. Discover hidden patterns that have sabotaged your success and replace them with habits that quantum leap to desired future with ease.

Executive 1:1 Coaching

Recieve individual attention and feedback for all your questions. Access to personalized strategy mapping, and mindset practices. Additional support provided with live group calls and Q&A sessions.

Personal Branding Domination

Skyrocket your business visiblity with custom personal branding photoshots, organic social media management  and public relations media kit. Create an omnipressence that brings in qualified clients to you.

Organic Social Media Management 

Leave the headache of social platform algorithm changes to the experts who apply organic strategies to grow your audience of actual clients who engage, and purchase from you. 

Sales Optimization 

Boost your sales capacity with automated systems that leverage and scale without increasing your overhead costs. Add to your bottom line with effiency; 
... so you can get RESULTS like
amy Sullivan
Quit her 9-5 after 90 days and matched her annual salary in six months. AND is making consistent $100K months.
"If you have worked with countless other coaches and worry about investing I tell you to forget about everything because this woman will blow your mind! 

I was about to quit my business because for five years I was struggling to make enough money to justify the time I was spending. I was so tired of spending endless hours building and doing everything other gurus suggested and not getting anywhere fast. 

Arooj looked at how I was wasting time and immediately told me to stop doing things, and I thought she was crazy. But she showed me easier ways to get the same amount of work done. Now I have so much more time on my hands that I can actually go out and do things without having to worry about losing clients. And the best part is I am now making more money in a month than I did all last quarter. Listen to her, sign up and actually follow the steps. She will hold you accountable and you might even hate her at the time but if you keep working with her you will be super happy.

Ashley Dumont
Discovered $10K in hidden profits that she was leaving on the table. Switched her offers and increased her clients life time value by $5000.
" I was loosing money
I met Arooj at an event and was impressed with her questions. I invited her to review my business, and in less than an hour, she was able to find ways I could save more time and five ways I was losing money. Working with her was a no-brainer after that, and I am so happy with her advice. She tells it like it is and is super succinct in her opinion. If you are afraid to take a hard look at your business or just can not see why you are struggling she will get to the root of the problem very quickly. I am very happy that I trusted her and can call on her expertise anytime I need to. I never thought I needed a coach, turns out I was just waiting for her to become one. "

Jody Marcus
Launched a brand new business by booking speaking engagements that resulted in $35K income from ONE presentation.
" My dream was to help nurses take better care of themselves, but I did not know what I could do. I am a retired nurse and wanted to teach these young nurses how they can put their needs and health  first so they can be better at their jobs and have a wonderful fulfilling life. Arooj helped me create a simple program that sold very well. It has everything I wanted to do to help and my nurses are loving our meetups as much as I am. She was very patient and helping me put this program together and I am very thankful she showed me how I can make money and still do what i love without having to worry about how I will pay my bills. This was very helpful for me. "

* Results are not typical or guaranteed. However, each of the woman above showed a commitment and tenacity to follow through on her goals. These Clients were beta testers for the Tri-Amp Method 63 Quantum Leap Program.
Ambitious Solo-Entrepreneurs 
Solo entrepreneurs looking for results focused strategy, who are decisive action takers who to scale without building a large team. 

They are introverts, interested in making an impact and committed to client's results. 

Mission driven and looking to influence a better world through philanthropy and mentorship. 

Prioritize healthy balanced lifestyle with work life balance.

Have been in business for three years and understand that building a business requires numerous pieces working together seamlessly. 

Are prepared to invest time and money to obtain results. 

Multi-Level Marketing Companies
This program requires 100% autonomy over business and product decisions and is not suitable for network marketing. 

Beginners without a defined niche and service that has proven results. 

Anyone not interested or committed to creating a positive impact through philanthropy or mentorship.

Tire kickers looking for an easy quick rich scheme, not willing to do the work. 

Fault finders, complainers, 'It can't be done' sayers. 

Only open to a limited number of clients per year.
Please schedule your call to see if you qualify for Million In One program to accelerate your business growth in the next six months.

Straight Talk Business Strategist  

Arooj Ashraf is a serial entrepreneur with 15 years experience working with multi-million dollar organizations and non-profits. She has owned several multi-six figure creative businesses. Her mission is to empower women business owners to create massively profitable businesses with EASE so they can become financially independent and create the impact they have always wanted with unwavering confidence. Her SUPERPOWER is helping women recognize their true talents and design a profitable passion based business. She loves working with precision rather than gimmicks and is a rapid problem solver committed to getting to the root of the problem and correcting it effectively.
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